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IPv6 Questions 4

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An automatic 6to4 tunnel allows isolated IPv6 domains to be connected over an IPv4 network to remote IPv6 networks. The key difference between automatic 6to4 tunnels and manually configured tunnels is that the tunnel is not point-to-point; it is point-to-multipoint -> it allows multiple IPv4 destinations -> B is correct.

A is not correct because manually 6to4 is point-to-point -> only allows one IPv4 destination.

Configuring 6to4 (manually and automatic) requires dual-stack routers (which supports both IPv4 & IPv6) at the tunnel endpoints because they are border routers between IPv4 & IPv6 networks.

(Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/ipv6/configuration/guide/ip6-tunnel_ps6441_TSD_Products_Configuration_Guide_Chapter.html#wp1055515)

Question 4

  1. BG
    August 6th, 2017

    For Question 2, isn’t a solicitation when the client or host sends out a message to find out if there is a DHCP server available that can support its requests?

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