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Question 1


LSA Type 7 is generated by an ASBR inside a Not So Stubby Area (NSSA) to describe routes redistributed into the NSSA. LSA 7 is translated into LSA 5 as it leaves the NSSA. These routes appear as N1 or N2 in the routing table inside the NSSA. Much like LSA 5, N2 is a static cost while N1 is a cumulative cost that includes the cost upto the ASBR -> LSA Type 7 only exists in an NSSA area.

Question 2

Question 3


Answer B is not correct because using “passive-interface” command on ASW1 & ASW2 does not prevent DSW1 & DSW2 from sending routing updates to two access layer switches.

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    all sim from this site but answer for the question 2 has wrong because in configuration must be add neighbor cost 2
    in the ccnp 300-101 exam has this command, hence you don’t need clean something and answer A correct. you can test whit command “debug ip ospf adjacency ” after that you can see you will need to the command “neighbor ” to stay up
    Question 2
    Which of the following statements is true about the serial links that terminate in R3?
    A. The R1-R3 link needs the neighbor command for the adjacency to stay up
    B. The R2-R3 link OSPF timer values are 30, 120, 120
    C. The R1-R3 link OSPF timer values should be 10,40,40
    D. R3 is responsible for flooding LSUs to all the routers on the network.

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