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In this article, I will try to summarize all the Frequently Asked Questions in the ENCOR 350-401 Exam. Hope it will save you some time searching through the Internet and asking your friends & teachers.

1. Please tell me how many questions in the real ENCOR exam, and how much time to answer them?

You have 120 minutes to answer 102 questions, include multiple choice and drag drop questions. There are no lab sims in this exam currently. But if your native language is not English, Cisco allows you a 30-minute exam time extension. But there are a few requirements to get this extension, so the best way is asking your teacher or mentor before taking the exam.

2. How much does the ENCOR 350-401 cost? And how many points I need to pass the exam?

This exam costs $400. You need at least 825/1000 points to pass this exam.

3. I passed the ENCOR exam, will I get a CCNP certificate for it?

No, ENCOR is only the core exam of the CCNP Enterprise certification. In order to get the CCNP Enterprise certification, you need to pass the ENCOR exam and one of the following concentration exams:
– 300-410 ENARSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI)
– 300-415 ENSDWI: Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI)
– 300-420 ENSLD: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD)
– 300-425 ENWLSD: Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD)
– 300-430 ENWLSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI)
– 300-435 ENAUTO: Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO)

For example, you need to pass the ENCOR and ENARSI exam to get the CCNP Enterprise certificate.

4. So which concentration exam should I choose to complete my CCNP Enterprise cert?

First you should understand each of the concentration exams above:

– In ENARSI exam you will learn more about routing (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, VPN & VRF-Lite) and services  (DHCP, AAA, SNMP, uRPF, IP SLA, NetFlow), mainly about how to troubleshoot them.
– In ENSDWI exam you will learn mainly about Cisco SD-WAN architecture (about vBond, vSmart, vManage and vEdge) and how they work. If your company is using them or you have a special reason to know about them then you should learn this exam.
– In ENSLD exam you will learn how to design popular routing protocols, WAN; describe SD-Access and SD-WAN.
– Two exams ENWLSD and ENWLSI will teach you about Wireless in detail
– The ENAUTO exam allows you to learn how to program and automate your network with APIs (JSON, XML, YANG; NETCONF and RESTCONF) using Python. The “network” here includes IOS XE devices, Cisco DNA Center, Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco Meraki.

In the above exams, only the ENARSI exam teach you about “traditional” network. If you don’t have any special reason to learn other exams then it is the most suitable exam for you. If you used to learn how to program/code then the ENAUTO is also a recommended exam to take.

If you are still in doubt about any exam then we recommend you to find the syllabus of that exam and have a closer look by yourself before deciding, just google it (with keyword: “syllabus” + that exam name). We don’t post direct links here because the subjects of these exams may change in the future so we wish you to find the latest syllabuses of these exams.

5. In the real exam, I clicked “Next” after choosing the answer, can I go back for reviewing?

No, you can’t go back so you can’t re-check your answers after clicking the “Next” button.

6. What are your recommended materials for ENCOR?

Currently the below materials are old so we will update them later.

There are many materials for learning ENCOR but below are popular materials that many candidates recommend.



Video training

CBT Nuggets

Simulator (all are free)

GNS3 – the best simulator for learning ROUTE

Packet Tracer


7. Are the exam questions the same in all the geographical locations?

Yes, the exam questions are the same in all geographical locations. But notice that Cisco has a pool of questions and each time you take the exam, a number of random questions will show up so you will not see all the same questions as the previous exam.

8. I passed the ENCOR exam. Do you have any site similar for CCNP Enterprise exams?

We have certprepare.com for CCNP Enterprise ENSDWI (a concentration exam of CCNP Enterprise certification) and networktut.com for ENARSI (another concentration exam of CCNP Enterprise certification).

We also have other sites (but only for sharing experience) like voicetut.com for Voice/Collaboration track, securitytut.com for Security track, dctut.com for Data Center track, sptut.com for Service Provider track, wirelesstut.com for Wireless track, opstut.com for DevNet track. Hope you enjoy these sites and find useful information too!

9. How many CCNP tracks does Cisco support now?

Cisco supports 7 CCNP tracks, which are:

1. CCNP Enterprise
2. CCNP Security
3. CCNP Service provider
4. CCNP Collaboration
5. CCNP Data Center
6. Cisco Certified DevNet
7. Cisco Certified CyberOps

In each track, you need to pass a dedicated core exam then pass one concentration exam of that track. Please check the picture below for more detail:


Note: With these new tracks, CCNA is no longer a prerequisite for CCNP. You can go directly for CCNP certs. But the knowledge of CCNA is highly recommended if you want to reach CCNP.

10. I passed (old) CCNP but my CCNP cert is going to expire and I want to recertify it. Which exam should I get?

According to Cisco Recertification Policy page, you need to complete one of the following things:

– Pass one technology core exam
– Pass any two professional concentration exams
– Pass one CCIE lab exam

Therefore if you only want to take one exam to recertify then you must pass the ENCOR 350-401 exam or any technology core exam of other tracks (for example the DCCOR 350-601 of Data Center track or the SCOR 300-701 of Security track).

Also if you earn 80 CE credits then you can also recertify your CCNP Enterprise cert.

11. Why don’t I see any questions and answers on digitaltut.com? I only see the explanation…

Because of copyrighted issues, we had to remove all the questions and answers. You can download a PDF file to see the questions at this link: https://www.digitaltut.com/encor-questions-and-answers

Is there anything you want to ask? Just ask! All of us will help you.

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  1. Ctx10
    March 29th, 2021

    Hi there

    My current CCNP route and switch cert does not expire now until 2023 as I recertified before it changed.

    With the the new setup I understand is mostly for the encore multiple choose, drag and drop etc. Are there no labs ? Or labsims ? Any config?

    If not are they likely to introduce this later down the line ?

  2. Jay
    April 3rd, 2021


    A new file was posted on 31st March, someone could confirm that all question are there?
    Thank you

  3. Ali
    April 4th, 2021

    Could someone confirm that all Questions are in the new file 31st March.

  4. Merlin
    April 8th, 2021

    Any one has the link to download CBT nuggets Video for ENCOR (350-401)? Thanks very much

  5. Robert_California
    April 9th, 2021

    Uh, so I just got the email that my CCNP is expiring. I had no idea about all these changes. I guess I am now a CCNP Enterprise and a CCNP Security. So can I just take the 350-401 exam and then all my certs are then re-certified?

  6. Mindy
    April 20th, 2021

    Hi Guys, hoping for someone who can share me the part 4-6 of the new encor exam. i am planning to take the exam this week but my premium membership just expired recently. are there new updates? appreciate anyone who i premium member who can help. Please share on my email id ms_indhie07 at yahoo.com. thanks in advance

  7. MARU
    April 23rd, 2021

    I took CCNP(old) on Nov 2019.
    Please tell me which CCIE tracks I can take now

  8. Turambar
    May 28th, 2021

    Just passed my ENCOR today! All material is valid, but there were like 10% of new questions, so be prepared!

  9. Talal
    June 2nd, 2021

    ***Encor Exam Dumps

  10. Asiap
    June 3rd, 2021

    Just passed my ENCOR today! All material is valid, but there were like 15-20 new questions.
    SNR calculation, keep alive time and mac address hsrp appears in the questions.

  11. Anonymous
    June 3rd, 2021

    Don’t rely on the pdf, use it only for practice
    I took the exam and only 5% of the questions are there
    Use the pfd to practice your knowledge and to understand the question format.

  12. Talal
    June 3rd, 2021

    @Asiap , Congratulations. Which dumps you have prepared like free dumps here or premium membership or any other ?
    Could you please share your dumps at (suffianmanzoor at gmail dot com).

  13. loulou
    June 3rd, 2021

    @Asiap, can you share your dumps at fekerfeker75 at gmail dt com, please? thx

  14. Ram
    June 4th, 2021

    Hi Friend,

    Could you please share updated dumps please rameshbabu dot cmc at gmail dot com

  15. ip_cef
    June 4th, 2021

    Anonymous@ are you sure only 5% of the questions?

  16. Ram
    June 5th, 2021

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please share updated dumps please very urgent rameshbabu dot cmc at gmail dot com

  17. powerslave666
    June 6th, 2021

    @Ram Everyday you ask for … and any place since long long time ago

  18. Ram
    June 8th, 2021


    still i am unable to get the updated dumps. so that i am asking sir.

  19. Merlin
    June 8th, 2021

    I have passed the ENCOR 350-401 yesterday with mark of 963.

    I would say that the exam question is like 85%-90% from the dump.

    There are some new question around 10 that I have not seen it in the dump.

    Virtualization portion is the worst. I only score 70%.

    Join Premium for 1 month did help as I have access to the question and explanation.

  20. Ram
    June 9th, 2021


    Could you please share the dumps please very urgent

    studyram8 at gamil dot com

  21. Merlin
    June 11th, 2021

    The dump can be freely downloaded in this link.


    As for those Part 4 -7 question. It is only accessible from the website for Premium member.

  22. Migolin
    June 12th, 2021

    why are people that there are 30+ new questions aside from part 7?

  23. Ricky
    June 21st, 2021

    Please send me dumps at my email address roshan_rp @ hotmail.com

  24. Rukshan
    June 22nd, 2021

    is ther any other Easy exam to Recertify the Cisco Certificates. ?

  25. Yair
    June 29th, 2021

    Hi guys

    i see a lot of comments say we need to study all the 7 parts of the dumps.
    what do you mean parts ? i learn from the dumps that digital tut is updated for a while .

    but not any parts, its like “New ENCOR Questions 4” for example.
    can someone ex[lain please ?

  26. digitaltut
    June 30th, 2021

    @Yair: “Part” is only used in Premium Membership. These parts are equivalent to four numbers from “New ENCOR Questions” to ‘“New ENCOR Questions 4” in the PDF. Currently you only need to learn all the questions in the PDF.

  27. CCIE LAB
    July 3rd, 2021

    Anyone know where to find CCIE lab Dumps.

  28. Anonymous
    July 12th, 2021

    I just passed the exam. You HAVE to study all of the category in the right menu not only in Part4-7.

  29. chuchorice
    July 16th, 2021

    Just passed! 913 but there’s no SCORE on paper only says PASS I know the score number because when you click end exam it appear, did you happen it also ??

  30. Anonymous
    July 27th, 2021

    Thank you so much 9tut team. You are a blessing to us. I aced CCNA because of you three years ago. God bless to your team. :)

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