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Etherchannel Questions

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Question 1


There are two PAgP modes:

Auto Responds to PAgP messages but does not aggressively negotiate a PAgP EtherChannel. A channel is formed only if the port on the other end is set to Desirable. This is the default mode.
Desirable Port actively negotiates channeling status with the interface on the other end of the link. A channel is formed if the other side is Auto or Desirable.

The table below lists if an EtherChannel will be formed or not for PAgP:

PAgP Desirable Auto
Desirable Yes Yes
Auto Yes No

Question 2


The Cisco switch was configured with PAgP, which is a Cisco proprietary protocol so non-Cisco switch could not communicate.

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    @Fahd: You can find out more about Etherchannel at: https://www.9tut.com/etherchannel-tutorial

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