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Share your ENCOR Experience

January 7th, 2020 Go to comments

The new ENCOR 350-401 has come to replace the old CCNP exams so we create the “Share your ENCOR Experience” for everyone to share their experience to prepare for this new exam.

Please share with us your experience to prepare for the new ENCOR 350-401 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

+ Currently there are no lab sims in the ENCOR 350-401 exam, only multiple choice and Drag drop questions.
+ To get the new CCNP Enterprise certificate, you need to pass this ENCOR 350-401 exam (core exam) and one of the concentration exam.

Your posts are warmly welcome! Hope you will find useful information here!

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  1. Network_Engineer
    July 4th, 2021


    what is the pass percentage required to get in ccnp exam ?
    is it true that i need more then 90% correcr answers like the Composite Quizzes in Digital tut ?

    tnx ?

  2. udontknowme
    July 4th, 2021

    105q in 120 mins
    pass rate 825 of 1000, means 82,5%
    so you must have 87 of 105 right answers, you can have 18 wrong answers

  3. Network_Engineer
    July 5th, 2021

    Understood udontknowme

    Thank you !

  4. MOHSH5
    July 5th, 2021

    I want to recertify my CCNP R&S certificate. Is this exam is enough.

  5. k
    July 6th, 2021

    @MOHSH5 yes this is what I did. to rectify you need to pass 1 for exam or 2 concentration exams

  6. k
    July 6th, 2021

    took exam July5, Pass with 957. got 2-3 new q’s. I study a little of INE and mostly digitaltut, I say digitaltut enough to pass. thanks for keeping site updated. requesting to do same with SPCOR too tho.

  7. j
    July 6th, 2021

    Pass with 93x. Around 10% difference. 103q. Thanks Digitut.

  8. Network Engineer
    July 6th, 2021

    Hi all

    Just passed the ENCORE exam with 970 !
    I can say that all the questions were from Digital tut Premium questions, maybe 3 different questions.
    I watched the videos of the topics that I wasn’t familiar with (Devnet and Virtualisation)from LinkedIn learn .
    According to Digital recommendation, I took at least 10 times the Demo big exams (102 Questions) until I got grade 100.

    Now, can someone tell me if there is dumps for the ccnp wireless ? Best way to learn ?

    Wish you all good !

  9. Anonymous
    July 6th, 2021

    luckily passed my exam today with a good mark (980/1000)
    All the questions and drag & drop were from this dump.

    rub dd“dd

  10. Buddy
    July 8th, 2021

    I passed today 97x. You must study all topic in the website. Not study only 4 5 6 7.

  11. NE
    July 8th, 2021

    My exam is tomorrow wish me luck

  12. Anonymous
    July 8th, 2021

    Is there any lab in Encore exam

  13. udontknowme
    July 8th, 2021

    @NE you need no Luck, you learned very
    well ;-)

  14. Mr. Robot
    July 9th, 2021

    https :// mega. nz/folder/IdpSwLYA#zZLBgHfvhSRk37CS8QKgKw

    Thank me later !

  15. bs
    July 9th, 2021

    Passed with 93x. :-) 103 Questions. The Membership (19$ per one month) is really worth it in this case;-) Do yourself a favor and train this questions (I mean really all, not just 4-7)! Thanks Digitut.

  16. Anonymous
    July 9th, 2021

    @BS are the questions available only in premium membership ? Totally how many Qs were there ? If i join membership will we receive them via email or did you download from the portal ? The non membership pdf had questions from set 4 onwards pls confirm so i can join if useful.

  17. NE
    July 9th, 2021

    passed 96X all questions from premium 2 new question only and D&D is easier in the exam with less options dont study only new questions, Study all @udontknowme thx =D

  18. Hawk
    July 9th, 2021

    Is the exam dump downloadable from here, or does it need to be sent to me? If onsite, where? If needs to be sent, please send to inboxweb@verizon.net.

  19. Anonymous
    July 9th, 2021

    luckily passed my exam today with a good mark 968/1000
    All the questions and drag & drop were from this dump.

    without ss““ss


  20. golfer
    July 9th, 2021

    I passed the exam today. The drag and drops were spot on. There were about 5-10 questions I wasn’t familiar with from this site. I study for about two months (every evening and weekends). In addition, I just took the composite 25 min quiz periodically throughout my studying. As I was studying in my two months I learned a lot about vxlan and SD-access technology. I paid the premium membership for two months which explains the answer. I highly suggest spending the extra 10-20 dollars. You will get a lot out it.

  21. dxs0101
    July 9th, 2021

    Hello, I gave my exam today and the result is passed. However, I did’nt get the score (number scrore) for the exam like other test takers are sharing at this forum. How and when will I get the number score?

  22. Ola
    July 10th, 2021

    Hi can anybody send latets dump to my email kliniksahamecj15@gmail.com
    Really appreciate that Thanks

  23. Anonymous
    July 10th, 2021

    can anyone send the dump to me
    knorrapple @ protonmail . com


  24. Crr3ys
    July 11th, 2021

    I passed the exam today.

    All questions is valid.


  25. Ram
    July 11th, 2021

    Hi Friends,

    Dump is still valid any new questions ?

  26. Anonymous
    July 11th, 2021

    Hi can anybody send latets dump to my email alkapexport@gmail.com
    Really appreciate that Thanks

  27. Fifa
    July 11th, 2021

    Took the exam just right now passed , Most question are on digitaltut: new ones I can remember are BGP best path – if the next hop is lost which one of the routes will be used:

  28. arx
    July 11th, 2021

    Passed, no exact score is given. Learn ALL questions not only part4-7.
    Thank you digitaltut,premium is worth it

    One question that i can remember

    Refers to packet switching architecture

    Process switching
    Cisco Express Forwarding


    It is referred as “software” switching

    It uses General Purpose CPU to perform that switching –> not exact wording

    It is used when you have to perform in high packet volume –>not exact wording

  29. dangermouse
    July 12th, 2021

    Passed with over 900. Everything was from here, bar one questI aion, which I forget now. PREMIUM is definitely worth it. Spend the money, don’t free load of these guys hard work. I’m very grateful fo digitaltut.

  30. dangermouse
    July 12th, 2021

    Passed with 900+. All you need is here. Only had one question that I don’t remember seeing here, but forget what the details were. Premium is definitely worth it. Very grateful to digitaltut.

  31. mera
    July 12th, 2021

    is there any lab in 350-401 exam ?
    thank you

  32. dxs0101
    July 12th, 2021

    Hello, I passed my exam with 950+. All the questions were from Digitaltut. The premium membership is very well worth it. The Digitaltut support is exceptional!

  33. MOhamed
    July 13th, 2021

    my CCNP certificate expire date is 15/07/2021, if i plan to do the ENCOR on 15/07/2021, will it be possible to do it or, i have to do it on 14th ?

    if i do the ENCORE, will my certificate renew ?

  34. udontknowme
    July 13th, 2021

    start thinking about recert in the last 3 days???
    exam cost 400€
    you can do it on the last day, the 15/7/21 and recert the CCNP
    …but its a lot of stuff…

  35. Anonymous
    July 14th, 2021

    Took my exam today and got a good score of 976. 3 new questions can’t remember exactly but its related to a script on blocking a mac(d&d). Cant remember the other two but its easy to answer if you will study automation and its concept. Thanks digitut, premium is enough to pass and took me exact 1month to study. Goodluck guys!

  36. ip_cef
    July 14th, 2021

    someone took exam today?

  37. Kim Sue
    July 15th, 2021

    How do cloud deployments differ from on-prem deployments?
    A. Cloud deployments require longer implementation times than on-premises deployments
    B. Cloud deployments are more customizable than on-premises deployments.
    C. Cloud deployments have lower upfront costs than on-premises deployments.
    D. Cloud deployments require less frequent upgrades than on-premises deployments.

    What is the correct answer on this?

  38. encor
    July 15th, 2021

    @ Kim sue the correct answer is C

  39. anon
    July 16th, 2021

    anyone take the exam recently?

  40. Anonymous
    July 17th, 2021

    Cleared EnCor yesterday. Cover all questions in Premium membership materials and quizzes.Thank you digitut.

  41. encor
    July 17th, 2021

    @Anonymous is there a new question in the Encor exam

  42. Anonymous
    July 17th, 2021

    @encor, nothin specific i can remember of.

  43. Ramesh
    July 18th, 2021

    Hi Team,

    Dumps still valid ?

  44. Mustafa
    July 18th, 2021

    Passed Today 18-July-2021 with Score 93x Thanks a lot Digitaltut the study material land the community and support are amazing.

  45. Khan
    July 18th, 2021

    Can anyone share Dumps ?

  46. encor
    July 18th, 2021

    @mustefa congrats have you faced new questions out of Digitaltut

  47. SJ
    July 18th, 2021

    @ Mustafa

    Please advise have you studied PART 4-7 or all questions in each section individually ?

  48. MeDDD
    July 18th, 2021

    @Mustafa: Have you used ”Digitaltut” as a learning material?

  49. Alex_Noir
    July 19th, 2021

    Hi everyone!
    Does anyone have a VCE dump for practice?
    I would be very grateful if you send it to me by mail: garden8b@ gmail.com

  50. Khan
    July 19th, 2021

    can anyone share dumps ? khan haran 17 @ g mail com

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