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Question 1

Question 2


Logging-enabled access control lists (ACLs) provide insight into traffic as it traverses the network or is dropped by network devices. Unfortunately, ACL logging can be CPU intensive and can negatively affect other functions of the network device. There are two primary factors that contribute to the CPU load increase from ACL logging: process switching of packets that match log-enabled access control entries (ACEs) and the generation and transmission of log messages.

Process switching is the slowest switching methods (compared to fast switching and Cisco Express Forwarding) because it must find a destination in the routing table. Process switching must also construct a new Layer 2 frame header for every packet. With process switching, when a packet comes in, the scheduler calls a process that examines the routing table, determines which interface the packet should be switched to and then switches the packet. The problem is, this happens for the every packet.

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/web/about/security/intelligence/acl-logging.html

Question 3


If you use the “debug ip packet” command on a production router, you can bring it down since it generates an output for every packet and the output can be extensive. The best way to limit the output of debug ip packet is to create an access-list that linked to the debug. Only packets that match the access-list criteria will be subject to debug ip packet. For example, this is how to monitor traffic from to

access-list 100 permit ip
debug ip packet 100

Note: The “debug ip packet” command is used to monitor packets that are processed by the routers routing engine and are not fast switched.

Question 4

Question 5

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    September 21st, 2016

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  8. Anonymous
    September 27th, 2016

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    C. Core(config-router)# passive-interface default
    Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi0/0
    Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi3/1
    Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi3/2

    The OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is
    this router connected to?

    Tnot-so-stubby area

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    October 2nd, 2016

    The OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is
    this router connected to?
    Tnot-so-stubby area

    For clarification, the answer is NSSA. I’m assuming that the “T” in Tnot was a typo, but it could get confusing.

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    October 7th, 2016

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  23. GHOST-
    October 8th, 2016

    If the total bandwidth is 64 kbps and the RTT is 3 seconds, what is the bandwidth delay product?

    A. 8,000 bytes
    B. 16,000 bytes
    C. 24,000 bytes
    D. 32,000 bytes
    E. 62,000 bytes

    Answer: C

    What are the default timers for RIPng?

    A. Update: 30 seconds Expire: 180 seconds Flush: 240 seconds
    B. Update: 20 seconds Expire: 120 seconds Flush: 160 seconds
    C. Update: 10 seconds Expire: 60 seconds Flush: 80 seconds
    D. Update: 5 seconds Expire: 30 seconds Flush: 40 seconds

    Answer: A

    What is the purpose of the route-target command?

    A. It extends the IP address to identify which VRF instance it belongs to.
    B. It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance IGP routing protocol capabilities.
    C. It manages the import and export of routes between two or more VRF instances.
    D. It enables multicast distribution for VRF-Lite setups to enhance EGP routing protocol capabilities.

    Answer: C

    A network engineer has configured a tracking object to monitor the reachability of IP SLA 1. In order to update the next hop for the interesting traffic, which feature must be used in conjunction with the newly created tracking object to manipulate the traffic flow as required?

    A. SNMP
    B. PBR
    C. IP SLA
    D. SAA
    E. ACLs
    F. IGP

    Answer: B

    A route map uses an ACL, if the required matching is based on which criteria?

    A. addressing information
    B. route types
    C. AS paths
    D. metrics

    Answer: A

    Various employees in the same department report to the network engineer about slowness in the network connectivity to the Internet. They are also having latency issues communicating to the network drives of various departments. Upon monitoring, the engineer finds traffic flood in the network. Which option is the problem?

    A. network outage
    B. network switching loop
    C. router configuration issue
    D. wrong proxy configured

    Answer: B

    Which type of handshake does CHAP authentication use to establish a PPP link?

    A. one-way
    B. two-way
    C. three-way
    D. four-way

    Answer: C

    Which two authentication protocols does PPP support? (Choose two.)

    A. WAP
    B. PAP
    C. CHAP
    D. EAP

    Answer: BC

    Which statement is a restriction for PPPoE configuration?

    A. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer interface.
    B. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer pool.
    C. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the client.
    D. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the access concentrator.

    Answer: C

    Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the configuration is true?

    interface Ethernet 0
    pppoe-client dial-pool-number 5
    pppoe-client ppp-max-payload 1500

    interface Dialer 1
    ip address negotiated
    dialer pool 5
    mtu 1492

    A. This configuration is incorrect because the MTU must match the ppp-max-payload that is defined.
    B. This configuration is incorrect because the dialer interface number must be the same as the dialer pool number.
    C. This configuration is missing an IP address on the dialer interface.
    D. This configuration represents a complete PPPoE client configuration on an Ethernet connection.

    Answer: D

    A company has their headquarters located in a large city with a T3 frame relay link that connects 30 remote locations that each have T1 frame relay connections. Which technology must be configured to prevent remote sites from getting overwhelmed with traffic and prevent packet drops from the headquarters?

    A. traffic shaping
    B. IPsec VPN
    C. GRE VPN
    D. MPLS

    Answer: A


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    Example: Redirecting TCP Traffic to Another TCP Port or Address
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