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Question 1


Private autonomous system (AS) numbers which range from 64512 to 65535 are used to conserve globally unique AS numbers. Globally unique AS numbers (1 – 64511) are assigned by InterNIC. These private AS number cannot be leaked to a global Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) table because they are not unique (BGP best path calculation expects unique AS numbers).

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/border-gateway-protocol-bgp/13756-32.html

Question 2


If MTU on two interfaces are mismatched, the BGP neighbors may flap, the BGP state drops and the logs generate missing BGP hello keepalives or the other peer terminates the session.

For more information about MTU mismatched between BGP neighbors please read: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/border-gateway-protocol-bgp/116377-troubleshoot-bgp-mtu.html

Question 3


Notice that the Administrative Distance (AD) of External BGP (eBGP) is 20 while the AD of internal BGP (iBGP) is 200.

Question 4


Private autonomous system (AS) numbers which range from 64512 to 65535 are used to conserve globally unique AS numbers. These private AS number cannot be leaked to a global BGP table because they are not unique.

Question 5


BGP Neighbor states are: Idle – Connect – Active – Open Sent – Open Confirm – Established

Question 6


BGP peers are established by manual configuration between routing devices to create a TCP session on (destination) port 179.

Question 7


Below is the list of BGP states in order, from startup to peering:

1 – Idle: the initial state of a BGP connection. In this state, the BGP speaker is waiting for a BGP start event, generally either the establishment of a TCP connection or the re-establishment of a previous connection. Once the connection is established, BGP moves to the next state.
2 – Connect: In this state, BGP is waiting for the TCP connection to be formed. If the TCP connection completes, BGP will move to the OpenSent stage; if the connection cannot complete, BGP goes to Active
3 – Active: In the Active state, the BGP speaker is attempting to initiate a TCP session with the BGP speaker it wants to peer with. If this can be done, the BGP state goes to OpenSent state.
4 – OpenSent: the BGP speaker is waiting to receive an OPEN message from the remote BGP speaker
5 – OpenConfirm: Once the BGP speaker receives the OPEN message and no error is detected, the BGP speaker sends a KEEPALIVE message to the remote BGP speaker
6 – Established: All of the neighbor negotiations are complete. You will see a number (2 in this case), which tells us the number of prefixes the router has received from a neighbor or peer group.

Question 8

Question 9

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    @Digitaltut – Your explanation needs a little modification

    AS numbers – http://www.iana.org/assignments/as-numbers/as-numbers.xhtml

    0 Reserved
    1->64495 Globally unique AS numbers
    64496->64511 Reserved for use in documentation and sample code
    64512->65534 Reserved for Private Use
    65535 Reserved

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