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Question 1


GRE packets are encapsulated within IP and use IP protocol type 47

Question 2


A GRE interface definition includes:

+ An IPv4 address on the tunnel
+ A tunnel source
+ A tunnel destination

Below is an example of how to configure a basic GRE tunnel:

interface Tunnel 0
ip address
tunnel source fa0/0
tunnel destination

In this case the “IPv4 address on the tunnel” is and “sourced the tunnel from an Ethernet interface” is the command “tunnel source fa0/0”. Therefore it only needs a tunnel destination, which is

Note: A multiple GRE (mGRE) interface does not require a tunnel destination address.

  1. Sabinay
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  2. Sabinay
    September 26th, 2015

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    A network administrator is troubleshooting a DMVPN setup between the hub and the
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    A. Verify the GRE tunnels.
    B. Verify ISAKMP.
    C. Verify NHRP.
    D. Verify crypto maps.

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