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Drag and Drop 3

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Here you will find answers to Drag and Drop Questions – Part 3

Question 1

Drag the “show” commands on the left to their proper locations on the right.




+ show ip route eigrp: show EIGRP routing tables in routing table / confirm what is actually being used / does routing

+ show ip eigrp interface: show information about interface configured for EIGRP / Verify the routing of specific interface /
show what being used

+ show ip eigrp traffic: show the number of EIGRP packets sent and received

+ show ip eigrp neighbors: Displays the neighbor discovered by EIGRP. Show what is learned

+ show ip eigrp topology: shows the routes known to a router’s EIGRP routing process. Confirm what EIGRP Learning show what does it learned

Question 2

LSA corresponding area type.




+ stub: LSA 1,2,3
+ NSSA: LSA 1,2,3,7
+ Backbone or transit: LSA 1,2,3,4,5
+ Totally NSSA: LSA 1,2,7
+ Totally stubby: LSA 1,2

Question 3

Place the BGP attributes in the correct order used for determining a route.




+ MED: Propagated between AS
+ weight: Propagated within local preference / used with multiple exit points out of an AS
+ Local Preference: Propagated within AS

Question 4




+ Bandwidth Management: low-speed WAN links
+ Authentication: WAN link to an external supplier
+ Redistribution: integrating two merging companies
+ Stubs: 256 kb/s CIR FR hub and spokes

Question 5

Click the resources on the left that you need to create an implementation plan for an OSPF project and drag them to the target zone on the right.




+ Summarization boundaries
+ OSPF process ID that will be used
+ Authentication type that will be used
+ OSPF area and associated prefix

Question 6




+ Which is used by router if route has more than one exit: weight
+ Which is not propagated in updates: weight
+ Which is spread through in the AS: local preference
+ Which goes to other AS: MED

Question 7

Click and drag the BGP attribute characterization on the left to the correct BGP attribute on the right.




MED Attribute is propagated between autonomous systems
Local Preference Attribute is propagated throughout the local autonomous system
Weight Attribute + is not advertised to neighboring routers
+ used for one router with multiple exit points out of the autonomous system

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