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Share your ROUTE v2.0 Experience

January 22nd, 2015 in ROUTE 300-101 Go to comments

The ROUTE 300-101 (ROUTE v2.0) exam has been used to replace the old ROUTE 642-902 exam so this article is devoted for candidates who took this exam sharing their experience.

Please tell with us what are your materials, the way you learned, your feeling and experience after taking the ROUTE v2.0 exam… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Note: Posting email is not allowed in the comment section.

Your posts are warmly welcome!

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  1. OZ
    July 20th, 2017


    I have nothing on those. I hope that they are old enough that they no longer show up in the test.

  2. waelhi
    July 20th, 2017

    @Althaf Thanks! got it!

  3. paul
    July 20th, 2017


    plz check the q 409 they asked for choose three and in ans they choose only two????????

  4. 123
    July 20th, 2017

    the drive is asking for a passcode acme or Despacito can you share

  5. parker
    July 20th, 2017

    @123 you need to learn how to back read dude!

  6. AmroAshram
    July 20th, 2017
  7. nik
    July 20th, 2017

    @ all

    plz check q415 i think ans is C

    R8(config)#int fa 0/0
    R8(config-if)#no ipv6 sp
    R8(config-if)#no ipv6 split-horizon

    and 409 i think they miss one option

  8. slam
    July 20th, 2017

    Hi, do you know where can i find a lab simulator (gns3 or packet tracer for the lab)

  9. hiih
    July 20th, 2017

    pass the ccnp yesterday with the latest dumps

  10. Aas
    July 20th, 2017

    Questions 415:
    A network engineer is disaling split horizon on a point-to-multipoint interface that is running RIPng. Under which configuration mode can split horizon be disabled?

    A. router(config-riping)#
    B. router(config-rtr)#
    C. router(config-if)#
    D. router(config)#

    in Despacito423Q-V2.pdf ans is D .
    But i think it C , disabling split horizon it should be in interface configuration mode

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  12. ccnpstudy
    July 20th, 2017

    @slam packet tracer is not sufficient to practice with for the ccnp. GNS3 is fine but you will need access to IOS images.

  13. Sara
    July 20th, 2017


    Thank you

  14. Sara
    July 20th, 2017


    The link is : file Not Found !

  15. Sara
    July 20th, 2017


    I need dumps Q423 please : saraalbaihi@gmail dot com

  16. Despacito :)
    July 20th, 2017
  17. Sara
    July 20th, 2017


    Thank alot

  18. Namo
    July 20th, 2017

    @Sara for requesting the gentleman

    @ Despacito – very thankful to you, May Lord bless you always :)

  19. Anonymous
    July 20th, 2017

    Passed today,

    Q340 and new despacito questions, LAB from the site, DnD frame relay, ipv6, lose, AAA

    Good luck!

  20. Just tried.
    July 20th, 2017

    I just used this dump:
    100% valid.

  21. Carlos
    July 20th, 2017

    @Oz Man..let me know how it goes please…seems to many spammers here

  22. agentjoks
    July 20th, 2017

    @Carlos, @Despacito, @Oz thanks a lot you guys, nice work !!!! @all i haven’t downloaded it yet but if you or any other person can drop questions that looks wrong or needs more clarification i can help with the answers to the best of my knowledge and google search.
    Also write the name Despacito so we all know that is dump your referring to so we can get it as valid as we can

  23. john
    July 20th, 2017

    @carlos @oz @Despacito @all
    Every question has been corrected in the Dumps 423?

  24. mills
    July 20th, 2017

    passed yesterday.

    used the official ccnp route 300-101 guide book, jeremy videos from cbtnuggets and finally digitaltut.com.

    the dumps on digitaltut are 85% valid, quite impressive i must say. didnt use any other dumps to prepare (i can be lazy sometimes)

    sims were eigrp ospf redistribution, eigrp evaluation, ospf evaluation and policy based routing sim.

    all sims were the same with little modifications on IP addresses and interface numbers. but i must mention something about the policy based routing sim. it was kinda different. similar topology as we have on digitatut however the task was to allow all http traffic only to go through one ISP (framerelay link) while any other traffic can go either way. so this is what i did.

    access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq 80

    route-map ROUTE-MAP deny 10
    match ip address 100
    set ip next-hop THE-OTHER-ISP

    route-map ROUTE-MAP permit 20

    So i felt since they wanted only http traffic to go to framerelay while any other traffic can go eitherway, in other words they do not want http traffic to go through the other isp so i figure i should deny http traffic from going through the other isp while it will be business as usual for other traffic.

    well that was what i could come up with with al the exam tension and the racing time.

    at the end of the day i passed with 812. i am sure of about 80 to 85% of the other none sim questions because off course they were here on digitatut.

    please share your thoughts on the pbr sim senario and what the best approach would have been. because i feel i got it wrong, that should explain my score of 812. you can share your thoughts with me mbomat at yahoo dot come. see you on the switch page

  25. Carlos
    July 20th, 2017

    @mills do you remember the new questions? Thanks in advance!
    @Jhon…no…not everry question its good..so u must research.

  26. aaa
    July 20th, 2017

    please guys, help me on how to practice the labs on gns3 . I downloaded the exe file but I get errors adding router image. something to do with hypervisor. share packet tracer labs please.

  27. needheplroute
    July 20th, 2017

    Congratulation so how much time did you take to pass the route?

  28. Anonymous
    July 20th, 2017


  29. Anonymous
    July 20th, 2017

    Despacito423Q – Q415
    hello, about this question, I think correct answer is “B”.

    R1(config)#do show ipv6 rip
    RIP process “RIPng”, port 521, multicast-group FF02::9, pid 249
    Administrative distance is 120. Maximum paths is 16
    Updates every 30 seconds, expire after 180
    Holddown lasts 0 seconds, garbage collect after 120
    Split horizon is on; poison reverse is off

    R1(config)#ipv6 router rip RIPng
    R1(config-rtr)#no split-horizon

    R1(config)#do show ipv6 rip
    RIP process “RIPng”, port 521, multicast-group FF02::9, pid 249
    Administrative distance is 120. Maximum paths is 16
    Updates every 30 seconds, expire after 180
    Holddown lasts 0 seconds, garbage collect after 120
    Split horizon is off; poison reverse is off

  30. Route-map
    July 20th, 2017

    Hey Mills

    Congrats on passing the test buddy. I understand your logic behind what you tried accomplishing on the PBR sim. But the key mistake is on your route map by using the deny statement vs permit you are automatically deny any http traffic that hits your inside interface. By doing any any 80 all http traffic will be dropped. You would need to change your route-map PBR permit 10.

  31. OZ
    July 20th, 2017

    Yes, for Despacito423Q- Q415, the reference I provided yesterday (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipv6/command/ipv6-cr-book/ipv6-s6.html#wp2339383153) clearly shows that it should be under config-rtr mode, so not sure why I didn’t indicate that B is correct. I’m fried from too much study I guess.

    From the reference:
    ” The following example configures split horizon processing for the IPv6 RIP routing process named cisco:

    Router(config)# ipv6 router rip cisco
    Router(config-rtr)# split-horizon “

  32. Okello
    July 20th, 2017

    contact me on skype I guide you how to install GNS3.
    my Skype ID: okello18


  33. Student
    July 20th, 2017

    @OZ, that was right, just discussed with my friends…It is correct Option B: router configuration mode Thank You

  34. OZ
    July 20th, 2017


    17, 59, 116, 117, 134, 152, 187, 203, 206, 214, 231, 232, 233, 237, 238, 242, 245, 251, 255, 256, 263, 264, 265, 275, 278, 279, 290, 301, 317, 318, 321, 323, 324, 326, 329, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 355, 375, 377, 381, 397, 398, 400, 402, 404, 413, 418, 420

    OSPF, PBR, EIGRP Evaluation, OSPF Evaluation

    D&D 257, 260, 357, 369, 376

    New: BGP Peer groups, question about what needs to be done to change an incorrectly assigned IPv6 interface address.

  35. sony
    July 20th, 2017

    Congrats OZ ..

  36. sony
    July 20th, 2017

    what is your score ?

  37. Carlos
    July 20th, 2017

    @OZ contrags men!!! =D ….hey mate do u remember the new questions? Thanks in advance! =D

  38. Dean
    July 21st, 2017

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  39. john
    July 21st, 2017

    Congrats OZ very happy for you
    all correction in despicato dumps (423) is true ?
    any changed in simulation?

  40. acme
    July 21st, 2017

    congrats Oz!

  41. acme
    July 21st, 2017

    despacito v2 question 33 is wrong, correct answer A
    I do have this configuration at the place of work and sho flow name shows the configuration of the particuler exporter, not the status

  42. hiih
    July 21st, 2017

    greeting guys
    i pass the ccnp exam with the valid dump. just share for it

  43. Peter
    July 21st, 2017

    OZ what was your passing score ?

  44. Okello..can I contact you via Skype?
    July 21st, 2017

    I downed GNS3 version 0.8.6 and uploaded routers’ image. When I click on GNS3 topology, it disappear. I was not able to open any of sims.
    1. EIGRP Evaluation
    2. EIGRP OSPF Redistribution
    3. EIGRP Stub
    4. IPV6 OSPF Virtual Link
    5. OSPF Evaluation
    6. OSPF Stub
    7. Policy Based Routing
    Many thanks

  45. Confused
    July 21st, 2017

    I passed CCNA exam in 9th June 2017 until I did not receive any mail for certificate. Anybody know what is procedure to get Certificate from Cisco.

  46. althaf
    July 21st, 2017

    New: BGP Peer groups, question about what needs to be done to change an incorrectly assigned IPv6 interface address

    its lab or mcq ?

  47. slam
    July 21st, 2017

    Hi, can some share where they download the lab sim GNS3? Thanks

  48. funny
    July 21st, 2017

    @Dean, Why sell dumps got from this site???

  49. Worried
    July 21st, 2017

    Hey guys can you help me

    I passed my FIRST ccnp exam on Wednesday and been waiting on a confirmation email after passing the CCNP Route Exam.
    Is it the similar to the CCNA one from {email not allowed} saying
    “Congratulations on becoming Cisco certified!” ?

    Any idea how long they will take it????? Or will anybody will receive any mail??

  50. sara
    July 21st, 2017

    What is the meanning of ” designated router issues ” in NBMA?

  51. joe
    July 21st, 2017

    Can Someone sum up the all wrong questions on Despacito v2 ? so confused

  52. ShadowStar
    July 21st, 2017

    @Worried..CCNP Route exam is just one of the exams to become CCNP. There’s no such thing as certified CCNP Route. You need to pass also Switch and Tshoot before expecting any congratulatory email from Cisco.

  53. mills
    July 21st, 2017

    hello every one.

    please note that i may not be able to keep up with all your comments. However, i will reply if i get an email. mbomat at yahoo dot come

    @ carlos, unfortunately i can not recall the new questions but it was a pppoe question.

    @needhelproute well i am from nigeria so i had the extra time given to those whom english is not their native tongue. i had about 55minutes left when i start the PBR sim which was qeustion 52 in my exam. i spent a whole lot of time on it because i was a little confused especially on how to test because the only way to test was to shut down the framelay wan link and generate http traffic. if this fails then my sim worked. unfortunately the sim did not allow me to shut down that interface so i couldnt know for sure if it worked or not. i came out from the exam and now i have a better solution ut yet to try it on gns3. by the time i finally settled for the command to use and finished with the pbr sim, and answered the last few questions, i had 35 minutes left.

    @route-map, the essence of my route-map was to drop any http packet trying to go out through the none frame relay wan link and permit all other traffic to go either way. i guess i would have added some more route map statements since there was no limit to the number of route maps i could use. just to be extra sure. the bad thing was that i couldnt test it. you can reach me on my email so we can discuss more mbomat at yahoo dot come. just so you know i am a nigerian in nigeria.

    please login to your cisco.com account and check your profile there. ensure that you have the right addresses filled out. if the certificate had already been sent out to probaly a wrong address, then you may have to request for another one via your cisco.com account. this comes with a cost. the last time i checked it used to be $10, not sure of the current cost implication.

    @ worried, you get the congratulatory message after you’ve passed all thress exams, however, you ought to receive your results for each exam by mail as well as a hard copy at your exam centre.

    @ sara, on NBMA networks you will have to influence the DR/BDR elections else you will have some issues. the can use a number of ways to influence the said dr/bdr election like modifying router priority, rounter id …cant go into all now. reach me on mbomat at yahoo dot come and i will send you a material to help you understand more.

    finally, like i said before digitaltut.com is about 85% valid as at wednesday when i wrote my route exam. i passed and i can say my $12 was well spent

  54. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    @worried it shows up in your exam profile that you passed the exam in Cisco.com you do not get any certificate until you pass all 3 exams.

  55. Tom Tom
    July 21st, 2017

    Q355 of Despacito´s Dump:
    Wrong Answer: BE
    Correct Answer: BC

    Answer E is wrong cause RT are not announced in standard communities. They are included in extended community attributes.

    Answer C is correct cause BGP is the only Protocol which carries the attribute. It can be rewritten in MPLS Environments.

    Hope this helps ;-)

  56. agentjoks
    July 21st, 2017

    @OZ congratulations !!!!! were your questions from the Despacito v2 dumps

  57. Lychos1982
    July 21st, 2017

    Hi Everyone, I passed CCNP Route!!!!
    the Q340 dumb exam is valid, yet.

    The new questions that I remember were:


    ntp source loopback0
    interface ethernet0/0
    ntp disable

    what does mean??
    -(I responded) loopback is teh source and is no disable on e0/0

    2. In ospf routers, they cannot get adjacency, what is the reason?
    -(i responded) Ospf Router ID is matched.

    3. in ospf scenary, on point to multipont on IPv6. how do routers send packets?
    -(i reponded) Link-Local.

    %Thnak you for read me!!!

  58. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    Is there a vce version of 423?

  59. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    Congrats @Lychos1982 – how long were you studying for the exam?

  60. Okello
    July 21st, 2017

    @Okello..can I contact you via Skype?

    No worries. you can reach me over there

  61. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    @all just curious what you’re using to do labs?

  62. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    Not software wise but what sources are you using for practice

  63. firstAttempt
    July 21st, 2017

    Hi there
    How can i get ccnp for the first attempt?

  64. sara
    July 21st, 2017

    The question is : NBMA network has which the following design issues?
    Ans. A. Split horizion issues
    D. Deaignated router ussues

    Thank you


  65. Despacito :)
    July 21st, 2017

    Hi @all
    V3 is here , please download and check again ,
    i made correction according to my knowledge …..please point out any mistake if you find any ….

  66. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    @Despacito I hope you’re still around here when I sit my exam at the end of the year :p

  67. Despacito :)
    July 21st, 2017

    not in route …may be on tshoot or CCIE ……..lol

  68. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    Yeah after CCNP I think I will go do something else, so much to this Route exam it’s crazy. So many hours spent so little remembered…

  69. Susan
    July 21st, 2017

    Despacito!!!! Thank you so much
    After install GNS3 0.8.6, unable set up image. Image was saved on C:\Users\Ze\GNS3\Images, brower to C:\Users\Ze\GNS3\Images. There are no files in the folder.
    Any Ideal? Has any had this kind of issue?
    Thank you for reply

  70. hello all
    July 21st, 2017

    Q: A technician is configuring a small local network with a subnet of The following quantities of devices need static addressed on the network.
    Printers: 5
    Servers: 3
    IP Cameras: 8
    Router: 8
    Switch: 1
    Given the above information, which of the following is the number of addressed that will be left over for a potential DHCP pool?
    A. 18
    B. 236
    C. 237
    D. 238
    E. 254

    Please anybody confirm, In PBR Lab do we need a command mentioned below
    “route-map pbr permit 20 ”
    BorderRouter(config)#access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq www
    BorderRouter(config)#route-map pbr permit 10
    BorderRouter(config-route-map)#match ip address 101
    BorderRouter(config-route-map)#set ip next-hop
    BorderRouter(config)#route-map pbr permit 20 (TO PERMIT ALL OTHER TRAFFIC )
    BorderRouter(config)#int fa0/0
    BorderRouter(config-if)#ip policy route-map pbr
    BorderRouter#show route-map

  71. acme
    July 21st, 2017

    @susan go to the gns3 site and it will show you which IOS are supported. i think that might be your issue. kinda difficult to explain over this forum

  72. ccnpstudy
    July 21st, 2017

    @helli all – I’m going to take a shot here for multiple choice question I will say B. My logic which could be completely wrong…the routers wouldn’t normally have static addresses in a local subnet unless you had some sort of redundancy protocol in use there which used some of the static addresses. So I’m excluding the 8 routers then .0 and .255 are out. So that leaves 236 addresses. Feel free to correct me just my 2 cents.

  73. CCNP study team
    July 21st, 2017

    A network engineer has left a NetFlow capture enabled over the weekend to gather information regarding excessive bandwidth utilization. The following command is entered:
    switch#show flow exporter Flow_Exporter-1
    What is the expected output?
    A. configuration of the specified flow exporter
    B. current status of the specified flow exporter
    C. status and statistics of the specified flow monitor
    D. configuration of the specified flow monitor
    The correct answer is “?”.

    which IP SLA blablabla to monitor entreprise class network (chose 3)
    – bandwidth
    – delay
    – reliability
    – packet loss
    – traps
    – connectivity

    CEF at what layer works
    – Layer 3
    – Layer 2
    – Layer 4
    Layer 1

    when the tunnel interface is configured in default mode, which statement about routers and the tunnel destination address is true
    -The router must have a route installed towards the tunnel destination
    -the router must have wccp redirects enabled inbound from the tunnel destination
    -the router must have cisco discovery protocol enabled on the tunnel to form a CDP neighborship with the tunnel destination
    -the router must have redirects enabled outbound towards the tunnel destination

    A network engineer receives reports about poor voice quality issues at a remote site. The network engineer does a packet capture and sees ot-of-order packets being delivered. Which option can cause the VOIP quality to suffer?
    -traffic over backup redundant links
    – misconfigured voice vlan
    – speed duplex link issues
    – load balancing over redundant links

    Considering the IPv6 address independence requirements, which process do you avoid when you use NPTv6 for translation?
    – rewriting of higher layer information
    – chacksum verification
    – ipv6 duplication and conservation
    – IPSEC AH header modification

  74. Student
    July 21st, 2017

    Thank you so much ….@Despacito

  75. Student
    July 21st, 2017

    @worried…I had passed Switch in June 2015 and I didn’t receive any email or anything…
    So you only get the final verdict after you clear all 3 exams – Good Luck for your CCNP

  76. Carlos
    July 21st, 2017

    @CCNP Studdy team
    Second question:
    Delay, packet loss and connectivity
    Third question
    Layer 2 and 3 I expect…because it works with FIB (layer 3) and Adjacency table (layer 2)

  77. Carlos
    July 21st, 2017

    @CCNP Study Team…

    Last question is A) rewriting of hiegher layer information

  78. sony
    July 22nd, 2017

    hi there,
    anyone know new questions other then Despacito423Q.

    thanks .

  79. Carlos
    July 22nd, 2017

    @sony….there are plenty in this forums…at least i’ve seen like 5-10

  80. zertech
    July 22nd, 2017

    Question for the policy base routing simulation. Does the configuration router-map pbr “permit 10” is require? I know that it would work without it

  81. Confused
    July 22nd, 2017

    Thanks for information.Cisco send me certificate himself on my postal address or i generate a request from my Cisco’s account.

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